Lake Victoria Disability Centre Musoma, Tanzania and AOG Nov 2016

Where is Musoma?

On the shores of Lake Victoria 100 km from Kenya border and 100km from Ndabaka Serengeti Gate.

You can get there from Nairobi by road. It is an eight hour taxi ride through a scenic area which includes rift valley. Alternatively, you can fly from Dar es Sallam directly (three flights a week) or fly to Mwanza (more choice) and then 2.5 hrs by road.

What is the project about?

There is 13 % disability rate in Mara Region of which Musoma is the HQ. AOG bought a land of 7.5 acres to re-site the Lake Victoria Disability Centre (LVDC) about 4 years ago. LVDC was set up by Dennis Mahina, a local Musomian about 15 years ago. He is currently the director of the centre. Primarily LVDC has provided vocational training for disabled adults to make them employable and also an opportunity for disabled children and orphans to attend school. Medical and Dental services are provided free of charge. In future, it is anticipated that a small fee will be charged for the locals who can afford to pay.
Since AOG’s involvement LVDC boasts 12 buildings at the site already- similar quality to the AOG house below, although most are double the size. Thanks to the AOG and other partners from Germany, Netherlands and New Zealand. LVDC also runs a school for orphans and needy day students. Currently, there are 36 residents and 70 day-students. In addition, there are training workshops for Metal work (which includes making wheel chairs out of bicycle parts), Carpentry, Sign Writing, Sewing, Sign Language (for the deaf), Nursing training, Prosthetic limbs and much more. We are due to start dental training in June 2017 for the locals to carry out safe extractions and ART restorations. Unfortunately, as in many third world countries fizzy drinks are cheaper than water! Current practice of extractions by untrained witch doctors leads to septicemia and deaths- victims include many young children and even babies.

Where do I stay?

There is some fairly good accommodation (one hotel has a swimming pool) costing around £15 to £25. Food is very cheap there and of fairly good quality. Some of the hotels with reasonable accommodation are:

Beach: Matvialla Beach, Hotel, Tembo Beach Hotel  near the old port.

Lukuba Island Resort (30 min boat ride from Matvilla or Tembo Beach Hotels)

Town  Afrilux , Matvilla (Town) Hotel

Near airport: Peninsula Hotel, Acacia Hotel

Where to eat
By far the best place to eat for western food is Rehema cafe in the of the Anglican church. Unfortunately,  they only open Wednesday through to Saturday  for lunch only. They remain closed on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Do check opening hours by emailing Heather. or

Another place is an Indian cafe Alshaz’s restaurant near the police station in town.  Alnoor is the owner. He will make good Indian and other cuisine to order. Cafe style seating run from the front room of his house. Tel+255 (0)62 113 1450  He is on whatsapp and facebook

Other places are notoriously slow (all above hotels) . So if you are planning to go for dinner, order your good by 3pm and then expect to be served at 7.30 if you are lucky!

On Mwanza Road: Mara Paradise Hotel, Anglican Church Hostels

Where do I find more information or make a donation?

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Also check for updates on next trip (June 2017).

Musoma Charity Dinner 19th May 2017 Royal National Hotel London


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