Overseas Musomians (OMs) is a website initiated by people and friends of Musoma, Tanzania, now living abroad working for the “Greater good of Musoma and the people of Musoma”. Our website includes an archive of past reunions, the latest news and details of upcoming meetings, a blog, message board, photo galleries and charitable projects.

We continually  fund raise  to improve quality of life for residents of Musoma.  These include helping local hospital, providing amenities such  as gardens, providing  medical/dental facilities  and refurbishments of schools an as well as encouraging visits from those willing to partake in short-term teaching or just helping out. If any individual or institution wishes to give financial or other assistance with this, please kindly contact Dr Manny Vasant MBE at www.mkvasant.co.uk. All funds are channeled through Britain-Tanzania Trust which is a registered charity in the UK.